Looking for Nairobi web design services? Then you are on the right track to success. A professionally designed website is a great way to get your business noticed, to attract clients, and keep ahead of the competition.

Digimatt Solutions will design and develop a website that will make your company stand out from your competition and increase revenue. With any new project we discuss your business in detail, understanding the message you want to communicate to potential clients. We then work closely with you throughout the website design process and design and develop your website according to the latest standards and demands.

We believe that by creating a stunning, high impact design it will help to move your business forward. A website is becoming essential now in almost any industry as more and more people are turning to the Internet to source suppliers, products and services. It’s very likely that your competitors will have a website and are already taking advantage of the extra inquiries that a bespoke website design can generate.

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• HTML website design
• Database-driven web development
• Web based product catalogs
• E-commerce
• Web portal development
• Flash web design
• Web forms development
• Search engine optimization Other web developments

Digimatt Web Manager serves as the equivalent to a full in-house staff of web designers, programmers, web marketers, and IT professionals. Whether you need all or just one of our many services, Digimatt Web Manager Service offers companies the benefits of maintaining a staff of this range without the expense of an entire staff.

Put your website in our hands and feel confident in a support team that not only knows your website history and your server configuration, but also remembers your name. We provide continuous expertise in website enhancement, engineering support, on call assistance, and the capacity for complete remote website support.

Benefit from increased operational efficiency, lower costs, and reduced exposure to risk with the Digimatt Web Manager Service, which allow you to place your website operations under the management of experienced specialists. Digimatt Web Manager Service puts web designers, programmers, web marketers, and IT professionals at your service — without the high cost of hiring full-time web and IT staff.

Our menu of services is both comprehensive and flexible, with the ability to be tailored to your specific needs. Whether you’re selling product through an online store, using your website for your day-to-day operations, or simply maintaining an online presence to complement your brick and mortar store, Digimatt Web Manager helps you make the most of your website operations — efficiently, affordably. Digimatt Technical Account Executive will review and discuss your website needs and challenges. Digimatt Web Manager Service Plan is then prepared based on the initial consultation.

  • A Digimatt Web Manager Service Plan is customized for the necessary routine tasks that will keep your system current and running, steadily improving your website on a monthly basis.
  • Should your needs change, we can easily reconfigure the Service Plan to better suit your requirements.
  • Each month, Digimatt technical staff does the tasks automatically.
  • A utilization report is provided to you each month to keep you up to date and to show progress.
  • Our process was designed to ensure your website is operating at optimum capacity for optimum benefit.
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Looking for professional search engine optimisation Nairobi? Then you have come to the right place. Our Nairobi SEO services are designed to help your website move closer to the top of search engine results. Through this service, therefore, we will increase your exposure to quality and qualified visitors looking for the information, products and services listed and featured on your website.

Through our Nairobi search engine optimization services, therefore, you can easily improve your website marketing results. Finding your website without such SEO services in Nairobi is like trying to locate a need in a haystack.

To this end, we will optimize your website for results that stuck up, so that your site does not get lost in the millions of search results related to your industry.

Why SEO?

SEO refers to the process of making a website search friendly, which means structuring your page and site information in ways that make it easier to match the search terms and keywords your target clients use while looking for your services online. As such, SEO is important because it will instruct search engines to help people find your website easily.

Such search engines as Bing, Yahoo! and Google are fussy when it comes to choosing which websites to reference as being a quality match to the words used in the search field. The more often your website is selected for particular search terms, the higher your website will rank on search results. Eventually, you will start attracting more visitors to your website.

The Digimatt Promise

At Digimatt, we have 4+ years of experience in the provision of professional SEO services in Nairobi. Therefore, you can rely on our Nairobi search engine optimization services to help you get on the first page of top search engines for chosen keywords.

We also track search engine trends and keep up with the latest changes to SEO. As a result, we are able to provide the best practices in the industry, apply proven SEO strategies and techniques to improve your search results. Additionally, we will make adjustments to ensure that your search rankings continue progressing upward, while providing timely reports on your website’s performance.

Our Nairobi SEO Services will also help you achieve greater returns on investment for your website. Ultimately, you will meet your goals by attracting more visitors to your website, and converting these visitors into actual paying customers.


Interested in learning more about our professional SEO Nairobi services? Get in touch with us today through the ‘Contact Us’ page. We look forward to providing you with exceptional search engine optimisation services to help your business website rank higher for your chosen keywords.


Marketing has changed. Today’s consumer is always-on, digitally-connected, and more savvy than ever. To reach the consumer of today, you need an agency that thinks about tomorrow.


  • Digital Marketing is the promotion of your brand, product or service online.
  • Digital Marketing includes many advertising channels including SEO (Search Engine Optimization), email marketing (e-newsletters), Social Media marketing, Pay per click advertising (e.g. Google AdWords), Brand Monitoring and Reputation Management.
  • Some would argue that Digital Marketing is now an essential part of the marketing mix. It has grown rapidly in the past few years as more and more businesses are realizing the importance of a good online presence.


  • The recession is not online. If anything people are almost forced to trawl the net for the latest special offers and low cut prices. A well marketed presence online is vital to attract these customers and to keep up with your competitors. If your presence online is weak you can be assured that competitors are scooping up YOUR potential customers up.
  • The amount of regular internet users is growing rapidly. This is your audience. They are online and waiting to be pitched to. You can attract new customers as well as look after your existing customers. It doesn’t take a genius to figure out that people are not likely to wade through pages and pages of Google results to find you. When you’re on the first page of Google your web hits will sky rocket and the chances of making a ‘sale’ increases dramatically.
  • The great thing about Digital Marketing is that it is easier to measure over traditional marketing methods. We can test a wide array of tactics and evaluate the results. Going forward, we are able to customize a campaign that works for you thus eliminating the money wasting and risk taking factors which can incur with traditional marketing.

You need to review your communication objectives and check to see how e-communication tools will help you achieve your goals. We are willing to partner with you to develop and execute effective digital marketing strategies that will deliver results – not hype!

Planning, executing and measuring your digital strategy is the cornerstone of creating a successful business on the web.